Speeding up your Development Processes

Researches in our Wind Tunnel Model

We offer you the possibility to conduct flow tests of any kind in the wind tunnel. Due to its excellent aerodynamic properties, the wind tunnel is suitable for measuring, calibrating and developing your components, probes and models.

The Wind Tunnel - Performance and Applications

The wind tunnel (Göttingen type), which is also successfully used for the development of the latest premium wind tunnels for the automotive industry, allows experiments under ideal conditions. Wind speed of up to 300 km/h allows investigations on models of different scales. The test section can be designed as an open or closed version.

Your applications:

  • Aerodynamic developments
    • Air flow around objects
    • Pressure distribution
    • Velocity distribution
    • Wake investigation
    • Boundary layer effects
    • Infrasound and vibration analysis
    • Drag measurements
  • Researches under wind load
  • Validation of CFD-simulations
  • Calibration of probes and sensors
  • Individual test procedures

In addition to a wind tunnel operator, you will receive additional support from our experienced engineering team if required. We provide additional support and advice for your product development process with expertise and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).