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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our specially trained simulation engineers for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) provide several options for calculation and visualization of physical processes using Ansys Fluent and CFX software packages including solvers for structural mechanics (FEM). The in-house focus of simulations is on the pre-evaluation and validation of the planning results during the design phase and the optimization of existing approaches.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to carry out flow simulation (including fluid-structure interaction) in the development phase for optimization and quality assurance of your products. The use of flow simulations promises the efficient mapping of physical quantities such as temperature or pressure for aerodynamic, thermodynamic and acoustic problems during all phases of product development.

For products and components that are flowed through with air, gas or liquids, e.g. the flow losses could be derived as a measure of efficiency.

By using CFD simulations, your products can be designed in an innovative, energy-efficient and flow-optimized way through an integrative design, starting in the early development phases.

In addition to carrying out fluid and structural simulations, we are happy to give additional support through our experienced engineering team. Additional support for your product development process is provided competently by our experts and further result validation in our own wind tunnel is possible.