For the sake of our environment


We are convinced that a sustainable, just and future-oriented development of planet earth can only succeed if society actively contributes to it.

That is why we see it as our duty as a company to commit ourselves to environmental protection and nature conservation.

We are responsible for ensuring that the earth develops sustainably and that future generations can exist.

Sustainability in our planning process

With our projects, we promote topics of ecology (CO2, resource-efficient material selection, recycling, etc.) and link them with economic and social aspects: long and flexible use, low life-cycle costs, promotion of innovation, creativity and communication.

Therefore, we develop the SBI sustainability concept.

Sustainability at our location

In addition to the sustainable planning approach, we also attach great importance to sustainability at our location in Lampertheim.

Find out here which sustainable aspects we use to organize our company.

Supporting sustainable development

Protecting the environment today - is the key to preserving the earth in the future.

We also want to do something for our environment and society outside our company. That is why we support various sustainable projects.

Climate-neutral company

Beefuture - against the dying of bees in Germany

Social responsibility

We are supporting disadvantaged people - Every year around Christmastime, we donate to a charity that helps people in need.

The last three years we supported "Asia's forgotten children". The organization is dedicated to promoting medical care and schooling for displaced and underprivileged children and youth in the Burma-Thai border region.

We also stand up for cooperation on a human level - and are committed to diversity and the promotion of diverse talents.

More about diversity in our company.